Spectre Fleet

GANKED 629 [Yolo destroyo]

25 Nov 2023




FC:Jaden kekard This will be a low sec roam. I want sheer dps with 3-5 scouts and 2-3 sentinels with tracking and guidance disruption mix. let's woodchip low sec!

Welcome to GANKED, Spectre Fleet's premier event for the week. We fly every Saturday night, looking for trouble and fun in New Eden. Any questions? Feel free to contact us on Discord, we're here to help. You are all welcome, please join us ??

? INGAME CHANNEL: SF Spectre Fleet ? DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/DPFe9qw ? FLEET SCHEDULE: https://www.spectre-fleet.space/ ? FLEET DOCTRINES: https://www.spectre-fleet.space/doctrine/ ? MORE INFORMATION: https://bit.ly/SpectreFleet