28 Oct 2007




I have been FCing since 2010 starting in null after being forced to take control of an Evac situation in scalding pass, since then I went onto cut my teeth proper as a GalMil FC between 2012-2016, then joined Spectre Fleet and never looked back!

I am always looking for Apex fights using cheap doctrines, relying on ewar and the right balance of aggression as well as allowing initiative and suggestions from fleet members to ensure success. I always try to keep things casual, whilst maintaining situational awareness.

I generally take outnumbered and outgunned fights with a decent history of ISK efficient BRs over the years.

If you are a highsec based pilot who doesn't get to regularly fly in fights against nullblocs, then I would suggest coming along to my USTZ Ganked Sat night fleets in particular.

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