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How to NPSI

What is NPSI

For many, NPSI introduces capsuleers to PVP, and a whole different spectrum of opportunities within EVE online. Like it or not, NPSI is growing, and is here to stay.

NPSI – or Not Purple Shoot It – quite simply, is fleeting up with the mentality of “if you’re not with me, you’re against me”.

Broadly speaking, in EVE, this means that anyone in your fleet (who by default appear as Purple on your overview & brackets) is your friend, and everything else is a valid target. NPSI is an opportunity to find new pilots, make new friends, learn new tactics, and have FUN and paint killboards a mixture of colours!

NPSI is the most accessible and quite often the most rewarding PVP content available in EVE online. At FUN inc, we are working hard to engage with NPSI entities in New Eden to centralise content creators to act as a springboard for cross harmonisation of groups with the sole intent of promoting variety, visibilty, and inclusivity of content.

The aim of the FUN inc NPSI community gateway is to showcase some of the best NPSI PVP content creators out there, but is not a definitive list, nor is it the only content available in New Eden - the sole purpose of this is to allow full transparency of some of the content available.

How to get involved

Up to 1 week in advance:

In the days leading up to the fleet:

On the day of the roam:

Before undocking:

During the roam:

After the roam: