Arwen Estalia

Arwen Estalia

9 Jan 2013




Once dubbed the Vargur Whisperer by a fellow FC, fastest pilot in New Eden, Alliance Tournament combatant, and also NPSI FC (The C stands for Chaos more than Commander). Arwen has been playing EVE since early 2013, on and off during the first few years, and only started to get into capsuleer combat some time around 2018 and even later, in 2021, joined their first NPSI fleet which was an instant match. After learning and flying pretty much every role common to especially skirmish and whaling fleets, they became a Junior FC for Spectre Fleet in 2022 and shortly after a full FC in 2023.

Arwen puts having fun in fleets over anything else, often flying off-meta doctrines like rocket interdictors or fleets centered around swarms of drones, true to the motto "Just fly out and have fun". Cause when you have fun at and a passion for what you're doing, success will often come to you on its own, with hundreds of billions of ISK destroyed over the past years. Most of Arwen's fleets focus around smaller hulls, not larger than cruisers, and roaming either in Pochven or Nullsec, where they will hunt for high value targets and ambitious fleet fights alike.

If you like fast-paced high risk, high reward situations or want to explore ships you've maybe never flown before, watch out for fleets listed by this FC.

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