F.U.N. Inc.

FUNny Newbros Dessies and Down

22 Nov 2023


Kshal Aideron & Scopique


Interested in trying pvp? Only done it a few times and want a slow and steady fleet to practice on? Why not come to our newbro roam?

This is a newbro roam and we will do pvp 101, stop and retrieve stragglers and answer questions while we're out in null looking for content. In fact, there's even handouts in the event you don't want to buy your own ship. If you want to buy your own, there's also SRP available (great for AFs or more expensive dessies!).

19:30 - 19:40 we will X-up and do ship handouts if needed
19:40 - 19:59 fleet 101 and questions
20:00+ pew pew

Will take X's up to 19:50 but if we don't have any rookies that need pvp 101 we may yeet out sooner and you'll have to catch up! So hop in fleet and check when we're leaving!

If you are a player in need of a free ship (for any reason), read the fleet MOTD to find out how to request one. SRP is available for those that bring their own ships - 50m for DPS ships and 100m for roles

Comms: FUN Inc Discord - public voice
X-up: ingame channel: EBWF public
Fits: ingame channel: FUNny Newbros
FC: Kshal Aideron & Scopique