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Eve Rookies Incursions Training Fleet

13 Feb 2024



Check #incursion-fleet-pings on Eve Rookies Discord

If you can get into our basic blaster or laser praxis and you want to try incursions, come on out! No need to buy your own ship, we do have handouts for a 250m deposit that you get returned when you hand the ship back!

Our fleets have been tweaked to work well with low skilled players (minimum is getting into that basic praxis), vets who don’t want to deal with the chaos of HQ fleets, or those that are just looking for a nice group of people to hang with.

If you can’t get into our basic praxis yet, you can always come out to scout! We pay a few mil per site completed plus tips! Come fly with us!

Discord: https://everookies.com/discord XUP Channel: Eve Rookies Incursions


  1. Check for staging system either in #incursion-fleet-pings on the Eve Rookies Discord OR in the MOTD of the in game channel.

  2. Please be within 5j of the staging system before Xing up so we can get undocked asap! we start taking X's 10 minutes before!

  3. If you need the fleet FAT'd please tell the FC!

  4. ALWAYS check #incursion-fleet-pings for the most up to date info!