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Eve Rookies Trig Hunting Fleet

12 Feb 2024



Tuuriainas II - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant

PVE Trig Sniping Fleet Time: Monday (2024-02-12) - 20:00 EVE Time (February 12, 2024 9:00 PM) Formup location: Tuuriainas II - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant Doctrine: Sniping Nagas/Gun Marauders https://www.eveworkbench.com/fleets/081a4ed3-49e0-493e-0ffd-08d95b6edced Fleet Commander: Andromeda Hunt In-Game Channel (for X-ups): HateLesS_gaming Comms: http://discord.gg/DJUUZ6H

Do you like Triglavians? Then this is not the fleet for you! We regularly run Triglavian Sniping Fleets and would like to extend an invitation to you all. Using Railgun Nagas and sniping Gun Marauders we, well, snipe Trigs. Fleet starts at the scheduled time and run for a maximum of 5 hours, we run out of people or the Trig Wormhole collapses. The fleet is fully in High-Sec space. Joining later or leaving earlier is no problem. It is very much a chill activity. We have Salvagers and the loot is afterwards sold and split. This might take a few days. If you are interested come over to the Discord. Ask questions in the anti-raznaborg-fleet-discussions channel!

I don't have a ship, FC what do? Good thing you ask! We can lend you T1 Nagas to participate, just hand them back after the fleet.

WARNING: This activity will destroy your Triglavian standings. Negative/Neutral Triglavian standings mean that they can and will shoot you in K-Space and that your options in Pochven are limited. To get around that, you can fire up an Alpha clone and train into the basic Naga with the 1 Million SP from any buddy invite code! Go for the necessary skills and then pump up lock time and damage as much as you can