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[ER] Trig Hunting Fleet

20 May 2024



Tuuriainas II - Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant

We hunt Trigs in Highsec with long range weaponry. Relaxing fleet with plenty of time to watch a movie (not provided). We do have T1 Nagas as handouts available, so you only need to bring your Pod.

This will ruin your trig standings, if you want to keep them but stil lwant to participate then you can make a new alpha account with the ref link for 1mil SP, its more than enough for the Naga.

In-Game Channel (for X-ups): HateLesS_gaming Comms: http://discord.gg/DJUUZ6H

PS: Joining late is no issue, just message the FC (Andromeda Hunt) and we'll get you sorted.