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Eve Rookies Armor VG fleet

16 May 2024



Kihtaled VIII - CONCORD Bureau

Wednesday night US time zone VG Armor Fleet!

Formup 0130 Eve Time Fleet runtime 0200-0400 Eve Time

Bring your own armor doctrine ship, no loaners. Please have minimum skills for the ship you're flying. Doctrine fits and skill requirements are on the waitlist: https://waitlist.flightleveltech.co.nz under the "Fits" tab.

New marauder pilots welcome - learn to use your bastion safely!

Eve Rookies Discord: https://discord.gg/4RPzuvFnYx XUP on waitlist: https://waitlist.flightleveltech.co.nz Comms: TeamSpeak (connect to: waitlist.flightleveltech.co.nz)


  1. Please no wardecs, Faction Warfare, or kill rights against your character.

  2. Please be within 5j of the staging system before signing up on the waitlist so we can get undocked on time!

  3. ALWAYS check the Eve Rookies Discord channel #armor-fleet-pings for the most up to date info!