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C13 Ratting/Mining Fleet

15 Jun 2024



Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

Fight sleepers and mine valuable ore in this combination ratting and mining fleet! Fly small ships that punch far higher above their weight class! A Class 13 wormhole is a unique environment in which small weapons and armor ships receive a huge buff while shield ships are penalized. Only frigates and destroyers can fit in this wormhole system, so don't try to bring anything bigger.

For the combat side of the fleet, you'll want an armor ship with long range turrets or missiles and plenty of EHP. If you've never been to a C13 fleet before, we recommend trying one of our handout ships: The only skills you need trained is Amarr Destroyer I, Small Energy Turret I, and Remote Armor Repair Systems I to fly them!

For miners, only Ventures, Prospects, and Endurances will fit in the wormhole. Bring mining lasers and gas cloud scoops along with a mobile depot if you can fit it. If not, the fleet will have extras you can use.

Due to the nature of wormhole systems, the sites available may be C2 or C3 quality--this will affect payout, so cross your fingers for a good spawn this weekend!

Ratting X-Up: EVE Rookies Public Mining X-Up: EVE Rookies Mining Fleets Voice: https://discord.com/channels/823957823503204359/1193221028982296576