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Eve Rookies Shield VG Fleet

14 Jul 2024




Discord: https://everookies.com/discord Before heading to the dockup, always check #shield-fleet-pings to see if there's a fleet pinged. These entries in the calendar are for our standing fleet, but sometimes all FCs are busy and this entry does not get deleted. The ping channels are the source of truth! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to try incursions for the first time? Or are you a vet that just wants to chill? Then the Shield VG fleet is for you! 1. Check to see if there is a focus up 2. If there is a focus, check for the dockup 3. Travel to the dockup (if you want to borrow a ship, come in a shuttle) 4. X's start 10 minutes before the posted fleet time 5. Be within 5j of dockup before xing in the ingame Eve Rookies Incursions channel 6. When you X, post your ship fit if you are bringing your own ship. Otherwise state if you need to borrow a blaster or laser praxis 7. Get invited into the fleet and accept 8. After all of the invites are done, FC will work on trading you a ship 9. Have fun! In game channel: Eve Rookies Incursions Discord: https://everookies.com/discord