EVE LinkNet

Armor Vanguards with Eve Rookies

11 Jul 2024


Sasha Panther


Armor Vanguard Alert Date: Thursday June 20th Time: 1500 EveTime Comms: Teamspeak

Description: Again, as I can not join Thursday normal time, I plan on flying some vanguards at 1500 Eve time, before the scheduled shield fleet (provided there is an FC)

As this is an Armor Vanguard fleet, we ask you to have experience in Shield Vanguards with Eve Rookies, or have flown in other vanguard/headquarter communities. Things you need to know are:

How to catch up with the fleet, how to ask for gate status How to broadcast and settings, tags set up on overview (although I probably won't tag) No fleet warps-> So warp yourself, new align broadcast will be at the end of each site

What you do not need to know, but is handy: how vanguards work. If you are unfamiliar with vanguards, but have flown headquarters, just let me know and I'll give you a quick brief at the start of each new site. If you have no flown in either vanguards or headquarters, I strongly recommend you join our shield vanguards first.

With armor vanguards we do not have handouts so you do need to bring your own ship, but if you do not have one, I suggest you have a look at https://hq.everookies.com/wiki/guides/rnri-rental

X-up will be on the waitlist https://hq.everookies.com/?wl=1