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GRIP: Problem Fleet

13 Jul 2024


Sloots Mckeenzie


General Rookie Introduction Program. A great place to learn fleet mechanics and new roles with seasoned players.

Problem fleet is a weekly frigate fleet flying out of Oisio were we can learn and practice new roles and mechanics. Unsure of how fleet mechanics work? Always wanted to try out that logistics role? Want to try out hunting but to shy to do it in the big NPSI groups? Or do you just want to pew some folks with unabashed furry? Come YEET with us. Ships will be provided but you may bring your own. Please keep ships to T1 frigs as we will be mostly roaming Faction Warfare space. If we decide to do something else ship choices will be discussed with fleet before the change is made and arrangements for ships can be made. Join us for a great time and ask any and all questions you may have about eve, learn new roles and mechanics, and the best part....THE SHIPS ARE FREE!!!!!!

Come, help me cause problems for "leadership" in the most hilarious manner we can think of.